Cult vs. Culture
The difference is diversity
Digital exhibition
May 2020

︎︎︎ about
Cult vs. Culture is a digital exhibition created by 2nd year Graphic Design students at the University of Greenwich. It features visual pieces, live interactions and written works across ten culturally relevant themes. The exhibition exists as a physical document, a digital archive and an online space, open to the public. We’ve worked with found materials as well as with original content to create both self-directed and collaborative works.

Culture is unique to every individual, each of us coming from different places, geographically, socially and mentally. These contrasts when brought together unite us, giving opportunity for collaborative design which allows us to define culture through our own means influenced by our own experience. This project exploring culture allowed me to get in the role of chief editor managing a creative team of nearly 50 people, being responsible for art direction, project management, task delegation and communication.

Exhibition Instagram page avaiable at @cult_vs_culture  /︎︎︎

A collaborative project with 2nd year Graphic Design students at University of Greenwich