The Anonymous Book Club of Prenzlauer Berg
Design Research Project /
Bachelor Thesis
May 2021

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The Anonymous Book Club of Prenzlauer Berg addresses the books to give away in a neighbourhood in Berlin and their discovery through walking. The value in this act is found in the idea of exchange between people forming an anonymous book club where books circulate within the neighbourhood but the giver and taker remain unknown. The daily appearance of new books on different streets is a way of mapping the area in which the valuable interchange takes place. The borders of the area are not defined but therefore explored through walking.

As a response, a website is designed so people can become part of the community exploring the city streets of Berlin whilst discovering books. Visitors are also invited to share a book they like leaving a note for the next person to find. In addition, the series of walks that took place in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin are documented in a form of a visual diary called “The Walking Journal”. The journal explores the notion of community, human relations and space through findings – books and is my way of contributing to the community as a designer.